Web resource links for VMware NSX: Install, Configure and Manage [6.4] class

As an instructor, I like to have all the material referenced in a class manual available as I prepare for the class and/or when I am preparing to implement the “stuff” we cover in class. So I have gone through the manual and created a page with all the online resources, papers or articles mentioned in the VMware NSX: Install, Configure and Manage [6.4] course in one place.

New vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 elearning courses available

This morning VMware Education announced the availability of two new free self-paced vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 elearning courses: VMware vRealize Operations Manager Fundamentals [V6.0] and vRealize Operations Manager What’s New [V6.0] Fundamentals.

The first course is an overview of the new features, architecture, key features and management packs for vROPS 6.0. The course is targeted at people who are familiar with VMware technologies and datacenter virtualization, but not necessarily vROPS or previous versions of vCOPS.

The “What’s New” course also covers an overview of vROPS 6.0, new features, architecture and new management packs. Additionally, this course includes information on integration with VMware’s vRealize Log Insight and presents potential use cases illustrating how vROPS 6.0 aligns with customer needs. VMware does suggest familiarity with the previous vCOPS 5.x products as a prerequisite for this course.

Each course contains about 2 hours of content and registration gives you a year of access to the course.

The registration links and outlines are below.

VMware vRealize Operations Manager Fundamentals [V6.0]


1. Course Introduction

2. Introduction to vRealize Operations Manager 6.0

3. Architecture and New Deployments of vRealize Operations Manager 6.0

4. Key Functionalities of vRealize Operations Manager 6.0

5. Interoperability and Resulting Solutions


vRealize Operations Manager What’s New [V6.0] Fundamentals


1. Course Introduction
– Course Overview
– Navigation
– Course Objectives

2. VMware Cloud Management Platform
– Cloud Management Platform Overview
– Evolving Customer Challenges
– Evolving VMware Cloud Management
– Portfolio Positioning
– Benefits of VMware Cloud Management
– Market Opportunity
– vSphere Optimization Assessment
– vOA Benefits
– vOA Execution

3. Key Features of vRealize Operations Manager 6.0
– New Features and Enhancements in vRealize Operations Manager 6.0
– Unified User Interface
– Alerting and Remediation
– Alerting Components
– Fixing an Issue
– Integrated Compliance Framework
– Analysis – Compliance Tab
– Customization of Views, Reports, and Dashboards
– Capacity Planning
– Projects
– Policies
– New Group UI and Features
– New Initial Setup Wizard
– User Access Controls
– Access Control Authentication
– Access Control – Object Model
– Mapping Features to Editions

4. Platform and Architecture of vRealize Operations Manager 6.0
– New Platform
– New Single vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 Virtual Machine
– Scalability and Scale Out
– GemFire – Shared Memory Cluster
– High Availability and Resiliency
– Upgrade and Migrations
– Remote Collectors
– Deployment Options

5. vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 Management Packs
– Solutions Exchange
– Operations Manager Management Packs
– Hyperic Management Pack Updates
– Management Pack for Storage Devices
– vRealize Automation Management Pack
– Tenant Overview Dashboard
– Top N Tenant Dashboard

6. Use Cases for vRealize Operations

App Volumes Hands On Lab is now available

Today VMware announced the public availability of

HOL-MBL-1458 -Application Management with VMware App Volumes and Horizon 6

Here is the description of the lab from the announcement:

Get an introduction on App Volumes working in conjunction with Horizon 6, how you can manage and deploy applications, and the benefits it provides with your virtual desktops. This lab will provide you with an introduction to App Volumes when used in conjunction with Horizon 6 with View desktops and RDS hosts. You will find out the benefits of utilizing containers for application management and the simplicity of deploying applications based upon individual users, groups, departments, and company wide as well.


1. Introduction to App Volumes

2. Application Lifecycle & Delivery

3. User Installed Applications

4. Local Profile Delivery

5. ThinApp Integration

6. Remote Desktop Hosted Apps

7. Rapid Application Deployment


VMware Hands On Labs End User Compute catalog: http://labs.hol.vmware.com/eucsolutions/catalogs/catalog/177

VMware Hand On Labs Main page: http://labs.hol.vmware.com/

vSphere: What’s New [V4.x to V5.5] supplemental weblinks

Various weblinks from the vSphere: What’s New [V4.x toV5.5] course-


Click to access tcpdump.pdf

Enabling vSphere Distributed Switch health check in the vSphere Web Client
Enhanced LACP Support on a vSphere 5.5 Distributed Switch







http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4l6T7bHNKeo – Flash Read Cache

Click to access VMware-vSphere-Flash-Read-Cache-FAQ.pdf

vSphere tags – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQnSzP7kj7E

VDP Direct to Host restore – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TF7TnFncsgk

VMware Partner Exchange 2010

I just booked my flight to Las Vegas for VMware’s Partner Exchange. I will be attending the partner “Post-Sales Accreditation Bootcamp” on the weekend and staying for a couple of VMware View 4 design session on Tuesday. I have a cousin who lives in Las Vegas and Friday is his birthday. If I can locate him I will look him up! Thanks to my boss for picking up the tab! I will make sure he and the rest of our company gets a great return on the investment!

EMC Storage resources

Earlier today I saw an exchange between Scott Lowe and Chad Sakac on twitter regarding a post on learning about EMC storage. I teach as a contractor for VMware and storage is routinely identified by students a topic for more and more in-depth discussion. I follow both Scott Lowe‘s and Chad Sakac‘s blogs with interest as they both have provided me with insight and very useful information. In this case, I found the comments to be very helpful and in particular the comment from Chad Sakac of EMC to be a succinct and helpful quick start for learning more about EMC storage and VMware and will be referencing it in future classes.