Web resource links for VMware NSX: Install, Configure and Manage [6.4] class

As an instructor, I like to have all the material referenced in a class manual available as I prepare for the class and/or when I am preparing to implement the “stuff” we cover in class. So I have gone through the manual and created a page with all the online resources, papers or articles mentioned in the VMware NSX: Install, Configure and Manage [6.4] course in one place.

NSX 6.4 ICM TTT and updates

This week I am attending the Train the Trainer class for VMware NSX: Install, Configure, Manage [V6.4] and that has prompted me to go back and freshen up the NSX resources page I posted in 2014. I anticipate adding to this content over time as I go back through sites and articles that I have collected and found useful.