FREE VMware e-learning course on VSAN

Around the office and with customers, I have had a lot of questions about VMware VSAN. VMware Education just released a free online e-learning class for VSAN:



VMware Virtual SAN Fundamentals [V 5.5]


VMware Virtual SAN Fundamentals [V 5.5] is available to customers free of charge.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

* Introduce concepts related to the architecture and features of VMware virtualized storage.

* Articulate Virtual SAN benefits

* Identify the primary issues associated with Virtual SAN configuration and management

* Understand the primary use cases and customer situations when Virtual SAN is best used, including high level technical qualification criteria.

* Identify VSAN elements

* Enlist the prerequisites needed to configure Virtual SAN.


This training would be valuable for any engineers, salespeople or anyone else who wants a solid foundation for understanding VMware VSAN.

vSphere: What’s New [V4.x to V5.5] supplemental weblinks

Various weblinks from the vSphere: What’s New [V4.x toV5.5] course-

Click to access tcpdump.pdf

Enabling vSphere Distributed Switch health check in the vSphere Web Client
Enhanced LACP Support on a vSphere 5.5 Distributed Switch – Flash Read Cache

Click to access VMware-vSphere-Flash-Read-Cache-FAQ.pdf

vSphere tags –

VDP Direct to Host restore –

vExpert 2014!


Earlier this month, I received notification from Corey Romero and the VMware Social Media Team that I have been selected as a vExpert for 2014. I am honored to be included among the 754 vExperts that were announced here.

Congratulations to everyone who was selected, particularly my fellow ENS, Inc. employee Jason Kaplan-Coleman!

I am looking forward to being engaged within the vExpert and wider VMware community and see this as further motivation to take my participation to a higher level.