VMware View 4 Beta/POC

Today, I had the good fortune to work with Todd Dayton, A VMware specialist on all things VDI/View related. The client I am working for had been accepted into the View 4 beta and Todd was onsite to help with the install and config of View and some thin clients.
We relearned a pretty common lesson in IT that a clean install is generally better than an upgrade. In an effort to save a few minutes, we decided to upgrade existing View 3 components. The connection server worked well, and the View composer worked, but the View 3 agent and the VMware tools from ESX 3.5 caused us to have problems with PCoIP connections. After removing the new agent, then removing the old VMware tools, we reinstalled the VMware tools for ESX 4 and finally the View 4 agent. After this remediation things worked like a charm!
If you haven’t tried PCoIP, you must! It blows the doors off RDP. I can’t wait to get the released bits and get this into production. Thanks Todd for the assistance!